Identifying Potential Electrical Hazards and Fixing it

Having knowledge about electrical hazards and what to look out for in case it happens is very crucial. Also, it is important to know and learn how to fix the problem so as to avoid an accident from occurring in your home. The following are electrical hazards that may arise in your home and how to fix them;
• Old or wrong wiring.When electrical wires are wrongly installed, particular misfortunes such as fire breakout may occur.The same applies to installation that has been in existence for a long time. Some technicians recommend that installation should only stay in a room for 20 years of which they should be changed or if possible you can always change it before the expiry date.How to fix it.Always call an electrician to check your installed electricity once in a while. So he can be able to detect if there is any default on the installed wires.If your wiring has been in existence for more than 20 years it is advisable you consider changing them. Also, if you find your lights becoming dim, contact an electrician immediately to do a checkup.
• Leaving your appliances plugged- in a while near water sources.Whenever you find that plug -in device has caught water, it is always advisable not touch it. First of all switch off your electricity from central source unit before unplugging it, then call an electrician to check it before you plug it ones again.How to fix it.It is always advisable that you leave your appliances unplugged if not in use and also, the socket should be switched off. It is wise to keep all the electrical devices far away from water sources.

• Using wrong wattage light bulbs.Sometimes you may buy a bulb that consists of high wattage than the lamp you are using it with. This is very dangerous as it may cause the light wiring to be overloaded and the wires end up getting burnt and hence causing a fire.How to fix it.Before you purchase a bulb, it is always important to research on the available lamp so as to ensure you buy the bulb with the right wattage to use with the lamb. You can always consult an electrician on the best bulb to use.

• Overload power outlets and power strips.Some power outlets are designed in a way that they can only be able to hold a certain amount of electricity. Therefore plugging devices which are high in voltage may result in a fire breakage. In the case of this happening, contact an emergency electrician IMMEDIATELY. Also, connecting more than one power strip can also cause an overload as well.How to fix it.It is important to ensure that you use power strips which have models that cannot break easily. The power strip should have a circuit which helps minimize the risk of power breakage too.

• Wrong usage of extension cords.It is important to buy an extension cord that will suit where you want to use it. For example, if you need to use it outside, purchase an extension cord that can be able to withstand high temperatures. Also overloading an extension cord may make it cause a fire.How to fix it.The most recommended extension cord for use is the ones which are UL rated. Avoid overloading your extension cords with other electricity devices. Instead, create more power outlets and buy more cords to use.