Plumbing Questions You May Have

The drain clogging is mainly caused by being careless of what we put inside them, more so at the kitchen. For instance, the bathroom drain gets clogged due to residue oils originating from shampoos, soaps and hair. Always be careful of what you let in at the drains, and make it a habit of using a drain cleaner to clean it.

What is the reason of my toilet running all the time?

The main reason is that there is a flap located at the tank’s bottom which is not sealing well, thus preventing the float ball from totally stopping the flow, since the water never gets to the fill line. To prevent this, jiggle the toilet handle that is fixed to the flap through a chain so as to put the flap back to its rightful position.

My home’s hot water supply runs out so quickly, why?

This question can be answered by looking at two factors which are the type and age of your water heater.

Maybe a button known as a reset button got tripped off thus making the water heater not to be functional.

A water heater is composed by two heating elements located at the bottom and at the top. When one or both of these elements stops to function, there will be no supply of hot water.

If you are in this situation, contact a professional plumber to fix it.

What is the difference between soft and hard water?

As a matter of fact, this difference is the main damage causer of your body or home. Hard water makes you use a lot of soap when doing laundry work, which also damages the clothes, scales the pipe system, causes skin problems, deteriorates the faucets, and gives the water a funny taste and smell.

I was required to pay a water bill which was high yet I have no leaking. What might be the cause?

In such a case, first inspect the toilets for any leakage, followed by an inspection at the tank to ensure there is no water being discharged through the overflow pipe.

Also, another thing to check is the flapper. This is done by adding some food coloring drops to the tank and letting it settle for 20 minutes. Later inspect if there is color change in the water at the bowl. If it happens to be there, then it’s high time you replace the flapper.

Suppose there exists a huge water leak at my house, what is the solution to that?

The first thing to do is to switch off the main water supply valve. It is also very important to let your family know where the valve is situated. In such a case, don’t hesitate to call a professional plumber and stay away from any wet electric connections.

Is there a problem if I opt to chemical drain cleaners?

Actually, drain cleaners are highly poisonous, hence risky in presence of kids. Apart from that, these type of cleaners are not good for your pipes, as they cause an easy interior wearing off to them. This forces one to do an early replacement of drain lines.

What is the best option in putting down my garbage disposal?

When your garbage disposal is in use, I will highly advice you to run water on it, as the moisture in it will assist in the breakdown of food. For instance, egg shells and pieces of meat will be broken down into smaller particles which can be easily flushed. Avoid corn husks and fibrous stuff as they do block up the disposal.

How can I hire the correct plumber? is a good example of an reliable plumbing services provider. Doing a thorough research online, asking for references and making sure the plumber is qualified by showing you his/her certificates and license is the perfect way of choosing the appropriate plumber. Also asking for his payment options and time schedule is another method of picking the best one amongst many.

Identifying Potential Electrical Hazards and Fixing it

Having knowledge about electrical hazards and what to look out for in case it happens is very crucial. Also, it is important to know and learn how to fix the problem so as to avoid an accident from occurring in your home. The following are electrical hazards that may arise in your home and how to fix them;
• Old or wrong wiring.When electrical wires are wrongly installed, particular misfortunes such as fire breakout may occur.The same applies to installation that has been in existence for a long time. Some technicians recommend that installation should only stay in a room for 20 years of which they should be changed or if possible you can always change it before the expiry date.How to fix it.Always call an electrician to check your installed electricity once in a while. So he can be able to detect if there is any default on the installed wires.If your wiring has been in existence for more than 20 years it is advisable you consider changing them. Also, if you find your lights becoming dim, contact an electrician immediately to do a checkup.
• Leaving your appliances plugged- in a while near water sources.Whenever you find that plug -in device has caught water, it is always advisable not touch it. First of all switch off your electricity from central source unit before unplugging it, then call an electrician to check it before you plug it ones again.How to fix it.It is always advisable that you leave your appliances unplugged if not in use and also, the socket should be switched off. It is wise to keep all the electrical devices far away from water sources.

• Using wrong wattage light bulbs.Sometimes you may buy a bulb that consists of high wattage than the lamp you are using it with. This is very dangerous as it may cause the light wiring to be overloaded and the wires end up getting burnt and hence causing a fire.How to fix it.Before you purchase a bulb, it is always important to research on the available lamp so as to ensure you buy the bulb with the right wattage to use with the lamb. You can always consult an electrician on the best bulb to use.

• Overload power outlets and power strips.Some power outlets are designed in a way that they can only be able to hold a certain amount of electricity. Therefore plugging devices which are high in voltage may result in a fire breakage. In the case of this happening, contact an emergency electrician IMMEDIATELY. Also, connecting more than one power strip can also cause an overload as well.How to fix it.It is important to ensure that you use power strips which have models that cannot break easily. The power strip should have a circuit which helps minimize the risk of power breakage too.

• Wrong usage of extension cords.It is important to buy an extension cord that will suit where you want to use it. For example, if you need to use it outside, purchase an extension cord that can be able to withstand high temperatures. Also overloading an extension cord may make it cause a fire.How to fix it.The most recommended extension cord for use is the ones which are UL rated. Avoid overloading your extension cords with other electricity devices. Instead, create more power outlets and buy more cords to use.

Safety Precautions You Have To Take During A Home Renovation

House renovation can really be fun since am changing how my house looks and maybe changing its outlook. The following are the measures I should consider.

1. Wearing a hard hat.
It is very funny that people tend to ignore this kind of a precaution because they think it is very stupid. These hard hats are very necessary during house renovation. It helped me a lot when I was doing the renovation to my house. This is because they protected me from accidentally hitting my head with any equipment, any objects that were falling, stationary objects and also if I maybe accidentally tripped and fell. Am advising people to take this part of a safety precaution very seriously since it helps you avoid any kind of risk that could come in case you do not use the hard hat.

2. Lifting heavy items properly.
This was something I could not avoid when I was doing the renovation. This is because I had to carry equipment and items from one place to another. Not lifting those heavy items very well could lead to one getting a serious back injury. Squatting and bending over is what I would advise people to do if they are lifting heavy materials and then straighten their legs up so as to stand and then keep that heavy load close enough to your body. I just hope that people will be more careful when carrying those items so as to maintain and keep they backs in the right shape.

3. Beware of fumes that are very dangerous.
Your health should always come first no matter what. When I was doing the painting I ensure that all my windows and doors are left very open. I did this so that I could get enough air circulation in the house. Open paint cans should also not be left open without attending to them this could be dangerous to kids playing around. I also ensured I was wearing gloves the solvent resistant ones to be more precise so that I could avoid any kind of irritation and damage to my skin. I also got myself a dust mask since it came in handy when I was dusting my house before painting since it protected dust from getting to my lungs.

4. Safety of the ladder.

A ladder comes in handy when what you want to paint is above the level of your eyes. I used a ladder when I was painting my house. A ladder should be properly used since any improper using of it could cause very serious damages. Here are the following precautions to use when using a ladder.

Checking the condition that the ladder is in before using it, also ensure that the integrity of the structure is very intact. Checking to also ensure that the locking system of the ladder is working this is to ensure that it doesn’t lose balance when much weight is placed on it.
During the checking I urge people to be keen so as to see if there is any substance that is slippery on the ladder steps to avoid any accidents.
Clear anything around the place where you will place the ladder.
I advise people to wear the suitable shoes when climbing on a ladder.
I also advise people not to try to reach places that they are not close. Instead they should just place the ladder position where that area will become more accessible.
I also urge that people follow the restrictive weight that should be put on the ladder to avoid the risks of it breaking.

5. Looking out for the lead paint.

Paint containing lead was abolished in the 1978. This is because inhaling of lead in very dangerous since it can cause very serious complications to one’s health. I advise people to look out for any paint that might contain it. How will I know? If my house was painted before, I should take a sample and then take it to the lab. If lead is found in it I should then remove the paint before applying any other paint on my walls. This is very important since it protects you and your family’s life.

6. Keeping tools out of reach.
Children are always curious to know what kind of a tools it is. I advise people to keep their kids away from the site where the construction is undergoing. Especially the power items they can cause serious damages. The life of my family is very important so I ensured that I disconnected any power tool when I was done using them. This safety precaution is not only for the family members also but any inhuman thing like the pets. They can cause a lot of trouble and damages if not taken care of during the whole renovating process.

7. Maintaining the cleanliness of the work area.
This is an important precaution to consider especially for someone who has a family and living in the house that is undergoing the renovation. I advise that they ensure that they are cleaned after that day’s work is done. This is to avoid anyone from getting pricked by needles or any other accidents from happening.

I advise anyone who wants to renovate their house to use the following precautions. They are very important in maintaining the safety of not only you but also you family members and the people doing the renovation.